Ashleigh Barty sexy to be on top of rankings


Ashleigh Barty is another top tennis player that many people consider a hot favorite for the US open this year. She is also considered as a possible first time grand slam winner. Ashleigh started playing tennis at a very young age of 14 when she was taught to play by her mother. She became known for her aggressive and strong serve during her early years on the tour. Ashleigh is now ranked 5th in the world and has reached the semifinals at the Australian open twice.

Ashleigh Barty

Ashleigh Barty played mainly with the grass but switched to the hard court in her later years to sharpen her game. She is an aggressive player that has a ton of power on her serves but lacks foot speed and the ability to hit a backhand as well. Ashleigh is a fantastic competitor in singles and doubles but has struggled in the mixed ranks.

Ashleigh cart is currently the top seeds in the women’s singles tournament at Wimbledon. She is currently tied at 1st with America’s Sarah Kambale. The two Americans are in a virtual deadlock in the entire tournament. This may be a disappointment to some considering that Kambale has been playing better lately. This is the second year in a row that Ashleigh has been seeded in the women’s singles at Wimbledon and is tied with the same number of matches.

Ashleigh art has improved her game in the past few months. She has spent some time working with her coach Jimmy


Connelly. Jimmy has helped Ashleigh focus on becoming a more aggressive tennis player. He has stressed the need for her to improve her serve in order to win the grand slam doubles titles. Ashleigh is hoping to emulate her older sister Lisa in terms of her success in the singles and doubles championships.

Ashleigh Barty hot sexy tennis player

Ashleigh is currently tied for tenth place in the world with Romania’site Leverier. Ashleigh is also tied with Germany’sChristina Vinko in 14th place. Ashleigh will have to hope that the US Open or Wimbledon win boosts her to even higher heights. She is also hoping that these women’s tennis titles help her break into the women’s Australian open tennis rankings.

Ashleigh will need all the help she can get in the US or Australia open finals. If she is to beat Victoria in the quarters or anyone else in the finals this will be a huge boost. If she cannot win the whole thing then she will have done wonders in helping boost our confidence in her ability to win the Australian and Wimbledon slams.

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