Bianca Andreescu sexy tennis athlete in top 10


Bianca Andreescu

After not playing any games in the WTA Tour circuit in 2018, Bianca Andreescu made a fast recovery in2019, starting with a runner-up finish in her first major event, the Auckland Open. She then quickly rose to worldwide prominence by winning the Melbourne International Qualifier for the Women’s Emerald Cup, an event that was held in Australia. It is now her fourth straight Top Ten ranking in the World Rankings. Andreescu has proven that when it comes to tennis, size does matter! She has been able to defeat top-ranked players like Serena Williams, Angelique Kerber and Kim Clijsters en route to claiming the crown for most prestigious women’s tennis title.

Citi Open Tennis 2017

Although Bianca Andreescu is only 24 years old, she is already being referred as a “stone mason” because of her impressive physique. She is listed at a full six feet and weighs over a hundred and forty pounds, but still has the physical looks of a younger woman. After struggling for years to make the weight jump, Andreescu finally found success in the weight room this past January and began to gain the desired pounds needed to be able to compete in the women’s division of the tennis grand slams. However, following her win at the 2019 Australian open, there is still no indication as to whether or not she will pursue a career in sports medicine or if she will return to tennis to fulfill her full serving at the Australian open.


The fact that Bianca Andreescu is fighting to reclaim her place in the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments is remarkable. When she was young, she was touted as a potential tennis player and later became known as a bodybuilder. This is not uncommon for players who have overcome their childhood calling to play tennis professionally. If tennis star Andreescu can win the Australian open and return to reclaim her title in the future, it will serve as a boost for women’s sports as a whole. Women have come so far in sports as it is, and it is refreshing to see a young woman fight to prove her talent on the biggest stage in the world.

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