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Kiki Bertens was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She is now a professional tennis player. Kiki began playing tennis at a very young age, receiving great support from her father and older brothers as she grew up. When she was just six years old, Kiki was injured her right foot while playing on a swimming pool and it would stay off her feet for the rest of her life.

When she finally had surgery to correct the bone injury, it was not a successful operation and she spent a year and a half on the tennis sidelines, unsure of what to do next.

Kiki Bertens

Kiki Bertens finally broke free from her tennis shackles when she moved to Los Angeles with her mother and sisters in the year 2021. From that point on, Kiki dedicated herself to improving her game, making every single effort to become the best female player that she could be. She reached her first top WTA singles set in 2021, but never recaptured her previous status. After retiring from the game, Kiki dedicated her time to her family and working to become a better friend and sister to her two sisters.

Now, Kiki is focused on becoming the best better tennis player that she can possibly be. She has not ruled out a professional return to the game at some point in her future, but she is looking ahead to achieving her first premier mandatory WTA match in late February or early March of 2021.

There are many other big stars expected to perform well during the season, but Kiki is widely considered to be one of the favorites to face Randa Jepcic (at least in the eyes of handicappers and bookies) in the first round. If Kiki can get past the likes of Serena Williams and Cocozza in the first round, she has every chance of reaching her first WTA singles top 8 and establishing herself as one of the brightest young stars in women’s tennis.

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