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Karolna Plkov

Karolína Plíšková is a young star tennis player, who currently plays for SKL Tennis in the Czech Republic. She has been ranked in the top twenty on the European rankings since breaking through the semi-professional team stages of the tennis league two years ago. She has established a place on the team, where she has been competing for quite some time, and has impressed both fans and team-mates with her performances. Last year, Plkov went to the US Open, where she defeated France’s Yana Grandstaff, and was runner up to eventual winner. Since then, however, her career has stalled somewhat, although she did make an appearance at Wimbledon, losing to Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.

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Karolína Plíšková is originally from the Czech Republic, although she has lived and played in various other countries, including Austria, Russia, France and the United Kingdom. It was in Russia that she started playing tennis and even began studying tennis at an early age, before going on to become a professional player for SKL Tennis. In fact, she studied physiotherapy as a part-time course when she first started out in her career, to make sure she would be strong enough to cope with the rigors of the game. As a player, she has always been strong on the ground, using her physique to great advantage, although she has also been known to use her beauty to good effect, particularly when serving.

Karolina Pliskova Sexy Hot

Karolína Plíšková is certainly an exciting tennis star to follow, having established a name for herself in the sport thanks to her excellent performances both on and off the court.

Karolína Plíšková Sexy

However, it has to be said that her role on the team is probably her most important, having established a huge amount of fitness during her time on the circuit, helping her team-mates to stay in peak condition. With doubles games won in the world’s top venues such as Wimbledon and Melbourne, she is certainly one to watch and keep an eye on over the coming months.

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