Leticia Bufoni


Leticia Bufoni is a brazilian Pro skateboarder and is famous for her 6 gold medals in X-Games and of course for her beauty and sexy looks. She is sponsored by the famous drink company Red Bull.

She was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She began skating at age 9 and her grandmother bought her first skateboard when she was 11.

She attended Hollywood High School, but left after missing so much school that she was in danger of being expelled.

Leticia Bufoni has become one of the best-known and most influential action sports athletes in the world

Leticia Bufoni is really big on social media and has 3,4 million followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Leticia is currently competing in the Tokyo summer olympics 2020 (2021). Watch her compete and cheer!

Leticia Bufoni has posted nude for ESPN but it was artistic and not up front nudity.

Source Wikipedia

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