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Tatiana from Moscow, Russia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Angelique Kerber style of play

Kerber has been notable for the speed, flexibility, athleticism, and footwork of a defensive baseliner. She has a known style of play counterpointing, extending rallies to try and make the mistake of more aggressive players and to be able to easily reach low-risk winners.

Angelique Kerber has powerful strokes and often defensive positions allow her to hit winners. Her forehand is widely considered to be her most dangerous weapons, with the ability to hit powerful pictures with disguise and speed, and she’s capable of hitting extreme angles with her forehand.

Kerber is known for hitting her backhand while squatting, which allows her to generate significant power and create sharp angles on the court; however, she typically uses her backhand for defensive purposes. Her serve is considered her major weakness and rarely serves aces, with her first serving speed generally peaking at 104 mph (168 km/h). Her average number of serve winners is lower than most of her fellow players. Her second serve is a special weakness, which is highly vulnerable to attacks, which means she seldom gains over 50% of points for second serves.

Angelique Kerber personal life

Angelique Kerber is currently based in Puszczykowo, a Pozna suburb, where her maternal grandfather owns an indoor tennis facility.

Kerber is a dual German-Polish citizen who speaks German, Polish, and English. Throughout her career, she has represented Germany. Kerber clarified in an interview that, despite her strong Polish ancestry, she considers herself German.

Kerber has cited the German club FC Bayern as her favorite team as an enormous soccer fan. Kerber often calls her childhood idol and motivation to play tennis to the form German tennis player Steffi Graf.

Angelique Kerber is not married and does not have a boyfriend according to latest sources.

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