Maryna Bekh


Maryna Bekh is a Ukrainian long jumper, born on July 18, 1995 and one of the most talented athletes of Europe. She is only 22, but has long career and a lot of prizes. Maryna Bekh finished fifth at the 2011 World Youth Championships, eighth at the 2012 World Junior Championships, won the bronze medal at the 2013 European Junior Championships and finished ninth at the 2014 World Junior Championships. She competed at the 2013 World Championships without reaching the final.

Outside, her personal record of 6.93 m (+1.3 m/s) this summer, and in a hall of 6.71 m from the European Championship in Belgrade in March this year.

In recent years, the young Ukrainian has been impressed not only with the development of her results but also with an increasingly challenging vision. Beck most often uses Instagram to show his fans the freshest pictures. Today, she puts a memory of her summer, but she looks very sexy again.

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